Online Payment

Pre-Authorized Direct Debit

Pre- Authorized debits (PADs) are convenient ways of paying or transferring funds for transactions occuring on an ongoing basis. An agreement is established between you and Brasil Remittance where you specify the amount and frequency of the payments. Payments can be arranged at a fixed or variable amount and are debited directly from your bank account. Frequency can also be sporadic (irregular). To learn more about Pre-Authorized Debits visit

To set-up a Pre-Authorized debit, you may fill out the PAD Agreement Form and send it to Brasil Remittance along with a VOID cheque.

For further assistance, please contact us and one of our customer service representatives will be able to assist you.


Brasil Remittance is now accepting Paypal payments. Please be advised that there is an additional service charge of 2.9% of the amount sent for all paypal transactions.

To proceed,please type your Invoice Number below.If you do not have an invoice number yet, please put “000” to proceed to the payment page.

Enter Invoice Number :

For more information about Paypal, please visit

Credit Card (additional service charges applicable)

To authorize transactions on your credit card, please fill our Credit Card Authorization Form and send it back to us (either by email or fax).

For reoccurring transactions, please sign the second part on the bottom of the form.

Mail to a PO Box in your area

Send cheques, money order or drafts payable to Brasil Remittance to a BMO PO Box near you. Funds will be cleared as soon as they are received at the locations below:

Brasil Remittance Inc.
PO Box 57548, STN A
Toronto, ON M5W 5M5

British Columbia
Brasil Remittance C/O V7168C
PO Box 7100, Station Terminal
Vancouver, BC V6B 4E2

Brasil Remittance M12558C
Case Postale 12558
Succursale Centre - Ville
Mont Real Quebec H3C 6R1

Brasil Remittance Inc C9562
PO Box 9562, Station M
Calgary, AB
T 2P, 5L8